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Copper Alloy Split Bolt Connectors # E4

Copper Alloy Split Bolt Connectors # E4

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This Split Bolt Connector for Stranded Wires is durable and easy to use

  • UL Listed
  • 50 pieces of High Strength Split Bolt Connectors. Equal Main and Tap Range 6 Solid to 10 Solid. Split bolt connector is rated 600 Volts
  • High-Quality Design: Free running threads and easy to grip wrench flats. True hex design allows easy installation with standard tooling. Highly resistant to season cracking and corrosion. Pressure-bar design features give assurance of high “pull-out” and secure connection on all combinations of conductors
  • Wide range of application: Connects one braided rope or cable to another without losing power. Ideal for equine fencing, electrical power, grounding/bonding, and Pool bonding applications
  • Installation: Use with a torque wrench, standard socket, box, or open-end wrenches. Reusable with proper installation practice.
  • Copper split bolts connects your tinned copper lead-out wire to your ElectroBraid at either the end of an insulator from the ends of the braid rail or one braided rail to another
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