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OWEL - Door Hardware

OWEL is synonym for Quality and Designer line of Door Closers. Our closers are beautifully designed and sturdy to give your access to storefront, or opening a sharp looking closing device.

We have wide variety of Door Closer for your need from commercial to residential and from Extra Heavy to small door. - Browse through OWEL store for more varieties.

This essential component is widely used in commercial, residential, and institutional buildings to ensure that doors close securely and consistently. The primary purpose of a door closer is to enhance safety, security, and energy efficiency within a space.

Key features of door closers:

  • Controlled Closing Speed
  • Adjustable Closing Force
  • Latch Speed Control
  • Hold-Open Function
  • Hydraulic or Pneumatic Operation
  • Fire Safety Compliance
  • Surface-Mounted or Concealed Options

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