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AXE - Aluminum Tamping Tool For Installing Swimming Pool Cover Brass Anchors


  • $ 995

Aluminum Tamping Tool is used for installing Brass Concrete anchors. It is machined from high quality Aluminum and it suits all standard safety cover anchor brands.

About This Item

  • Aluminum Tamp Tool For Installing Swimming Pool Cover Brass Anchors
  • Works with all Safety Cover Brass Anchors brands
  • AXE brand Aluminum Tamp Tool will help you install anchors into a brick or paver patio.
    HOW IT WORKS: The tamp tool will fit inside the anchor once you remove the screw inside. You can use a hammer or mallet on the tamp tool to keep the anchor in place without damaging the internal threads.
  • Compatible with all brass deck anchor brands.
  • Used to install Pop-up Anchors in concrete decking.

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